The Church in Joyous Obedience: Biblical Expositions (Laing Lectures 2008)

Speaker(s): Walter Brueggemann
Date: Oct. 8-9, 2008
Length: 4:13:42
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What insight and challenge can the ancient Hebrew text of the Old Testament offer the faith, life and practice of the contemporary church?


Dr. Brueggemann considers texts from the Exodus narrative, the Jeremiah oracle, and the Isaiah sequence of texts in the hope that they 'may summon and engage and reassure the church in its demanding missional stance, permitting the church to live faithfully amid hegemonic ideologies that suck the life out of our socioeconomic neighborhoods.' Lectures include:

  1. From Exodus to Sinai: The Journey to the Common Good
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  3. Boasting in Power or Boasting in God? Jeremiah's Either / Or of Public Faith
  4. n
  5. Receiving Salvation and Doing Justice: From Vision to Imperative in Isaiah
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    Responses are given by Phil Long and Paul Williams. John G. Stackhouse hosts.

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    Walter Brueggemann Ph.D. (Saint Louis University), Th.D. (Union Theological Seminary), B.D. (Eden Theological Seminary), A.B. (Elmhurst College), is Professor Emeritus, Columbia Theological Seminary. Dr. Brueggemann has written extensively including A Commentary on Jeremiah: Exile & Homecoming, Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy and Biblical Perspectives on Evangelism: Living in a Three-Storied Universe.

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