As We Are Known: Representations of the Evangelical Experience in Literature of the 20th & 21st Centuries

Speaker(s): Maxine Hancock
Date: June 28 - July 9, 2004
Length: 14:10:00
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This series examines some of the ways in which evangelical religious experiences, especially those of conversion, worship, witness and community, have been portrayed in twentieth-century fiction. Maxine Hancock takes a look at sympathetic and unsympathetic representations, considering a range of "angles of vision" on the part of writers and works, focusing her attention in particular on Canadian and American writers of the second half of the century. Lectures include:

  • Gaining an Historical Perspective
  • Angles & Agendas - Outside Looking In: Sinclair Lewis, William Faulkner, W. O. Mitchell, Barbara Kingsolver
  • Angles & Agendas - Alongside Looking At: Flannery O'Connor, Chaim Potock, Margaret Laurence
  • Angles & Agendas - Moving On, Looking Back: Garrison Keillor, Shirley Nelson, Joy Kogowa
  • Angles & Agendas - Within the Faith, Looking Through: John Updike, Walter Wangerin Jr., Rudy Wiebe
  • Representing Key Characteristics of Evangelical Experience
  • The Influence of Evangelicalism on Fiction
  • Responding to a Rising Genre: Reading and Writing Fiction of Faith

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Maxine Hancock is Professor Emerita of Interdisciplinary Studies and Spiritual Theology at Regent College. Among her books are several on family relationships, including Living on Less and Liking in More, Re-evaluating Your Commitments and Creative, Confident, Children, as well as a study on John Bunyan in A Key in the Window: Marginal Notes in Bunyan's Narratives. She received the Word Guild's Leslie K. Tarr Award in 1990 for her contribution to Christian writing in Canada, and the Leading Women's Award in Communications and Media in 2004 for her leadership in communicating the Christian faith in Canada.

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