Biblical Hermeneutics

Speaker(s): Iain Provan
Date: Fall 2005
Length: 26:54:40
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This course aims to examine the assumptions, history and variety of critical methods and perspectives brought to bear on the biblical texts in the modern period, to ask intelligent questions about the coherence and value of these methods, and in engaging critically with them to develop a methodology for biblical study that is both intellectually sustainable and consistent with the faith of the Church in respect of its Scriptures. Lectures include:

  • Introduction
  • Source Criticism
  • Form/Tradition Criticism
  • Tradition/Redaction Criticism
  • Rhetorical Criticism
  • Structuralism and Poststructuralism
  • Narrative (holistic) Criticism
  • Social Scientific Criticism
  • Feminist Criticism
  • Canonical Criticism
  • Using the hermeneutical and critical tools: The book of Jonah
  • 'How can I understand, unless someone explains it to me?' (Acts 8:30-31): The evangelical and Christian way ahead?

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Iain W. Provan is the E. Marshall Shepherd Professor of Biblical Studies (Old Testament) at Regent College. He has previously taught at King's College London, the University of Wales, and the University of Edinburgh. He is author of Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why it Matters, Convenient Myths: The Axial Age, Dark Green Religion, and the World that Never Was, commentaries on 1 & 2 Kings, Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs, and Lamentations, and co-author (with V. Phillips Long and Tremper Longman III) of A Biblical History of Israel. He is also a Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge.

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