Mission in a World of Globalization

Speaker(s): William Taylor
Date: June 9-13,2003
Length: 10:16:20
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This course challenges the student to both reflect and respond to some of the critical issues (current trends and hotspots; the multiple faces of globalization; the future of Christianity in a global flux) that emerge from the world's rapidly changing landscape. The course examines these issues in relation to their impact on Christian mission and cross-cultural missions in reference to the globalized Church of Christ. Lectures include:

  • Trends and Issues Affecting Christian Mission
  • Reading the Scriptures Through the Lens of the Two-Thirds World
  • The Interface of Christians in a World of Pluralisms
  • Global Hospitality and Persecution
  • Contextualization and Mission Today

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William Tayor has broad experience in church planting and pastoral ministry. For 17 years he taught at the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala and serves today as a visiting professor in seminaries and missionary training schools in North America and internationally.

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