Worship as a Way of Life

Speaker(s): Julie Canlis
Date: Spring 2015
Length: 16h 49m
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This course expands on the concept of worship from something that happens (or that 'we do') on a Sunday to that which encompasses our entire week - and the whole of our lives. We will examine Christ's role as priest of our worship; our role as 'priests' of creation; and the Trinitarian interplay between the two. We will spend time on structured elements of Christianity like the church calendar, liturgy and tradition; we will compare differing Christian traditions' understanding of worship throughout the year; we will see how the church sought to consecrate time and space, even as it tried to move worship out into the everyday avenues of our lives as mothers, farmers, artists, commuters, ministers and more. Above all else, we will begin to understand how worship is central to our becoming human again, in Christ.

  • The Setting for Worship: the cosmos, with humans as priests
  • Priests of Creation: called to voice creation's praise; The Sacraments: the model for our life in the world?
  • Unitarian vs. Trinitarian Worship: Setting the stage for failure or freedom
  • Christ as the new Priest of Creation: The six days of re-creation
  • The Spirit and the Future of Creation
  • File corrupted (was unplugged in the middle of recording)
  • Worship & Liturgy: An early-church perspective
  • Worship & Stuff: A Protestant confession
  • Worship & Time: A Jewish orientation
  • Worship & the Self: A contemporary meditation

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Julie Canlis is Children's Spiritual Formation Director for Methlick Parish Church, Scotland. She is author of Calvin's Ladder: A Spiritual Theology of Ascent and Ascension.

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