The Acts of the Apostles

Speaker(s): Bruce Milne
Date: June 9-13, 2008
Length: 12:07:28
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The primary claim of the Christian faith is that God, the universal creator, has in person entered space and time in his eternal Son, Jesus Christ; and that Christ's coming, culminating in his death and resurrection, represents the central cultural event in the human story, and the one hope of salvation for all humanity. The Book of Acts, Luke's sequel to his account of Jesus' ministry, accompanies Jesus' disciples as they respond to his mandate to take the good news about Jesus to 'Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.' The class traces the exciting and challenging story of the beginnings of the global mission, and attempts to relate the text to contemporary missional realities through detailed exegesis of important passages and more general reflection. The aim is to rekindle a sense of commitment to the church's worldwide calling, as well as learning the lessons of the pioneer generation of witnesses.

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Bruce Milne was the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Vancouver, British Columbia, from 1983 until his retirement in 2001. He now speaks and preaches throughout the world. He is author of many books, including The Book of Acts: Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth, Dynamic Diversity: Bridging Class, Age, Race and Gender in the Church, and We Belong Together: The Meaning of Fellowship.

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