God Has Not Left Himself Without Witness: Jesus Christ & the Religious Experience of People of Other Faith

Speaker(s): Ivan Satyavrata
Date: June 28-July 9
Length: 16:10:02
Product ID: RGDL3414S

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The revival of religious fundamentalism in our times is one of the principal causes for the deepening of conflict and growth in hostility between people of different faith communities. This course seeks to affirm the particular truth claims of the Christian faith while ascribing value to non-Christian religious experiences by drawing from the Church's biblical, historical and missiological resources tested in the Christian experience of select converts from Hinduism.

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Ivan Morris Satyavrata is President of Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore, India, Executive Director of Euro-Asian Theological Association, and Chairman of the Asia Theological Association in India. He is an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God with a part-time ministry role in a 7,000-member congregation in Bangalore.

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