The Wisdom of Proverbs

Speaker(s): Bruce Waltke
Date: Spring 2015
Length: 12h 50m
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In a world bombarded by inane cliches, trivial catchwords, and godless sound bites, the expression of true wisdom is in short supply today. The church stands alone as the receptacle and repository of the inspired wisdom that carries a mandate for a holy life from ancient kings and their courtiers. As the course and bulk of biblical wisdom, the book of Proverbs remains the model of curriculum for humanity, especially youth, to learn social skills in relation to God and others. As such the book of Proverbs invites serious study to do and to teach its wisdom in a world characterised by mediocrity, superficiality and blatant foolishness. In this course the lecturer will be seeking to accomplish the Bible's own purpose: teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the student may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. A Introduction to Course; The Superscript; The Preamble B Parents' and Woman Wisdom's Address; Does Proverbs Promise Too Much C Parents' Lecture Four; Parents' Lectures Five to Seven; The Folly of Adultery D Two Invitations (Proverbs 9); Moneywise; Wise Speech E Saying of Agur; The Valiant Wife; Theology of Proverbs

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Bruce Waltke is Professor Emeritus in Old Testament Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is the author of Genesis: A Commentary, Creation and Chaos, Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion?, An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax, and commentaries on Micah. He also served on the translation committee of the NIV Bible.

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