Tradition and Transformation: Celtic Christianity

Speaker(s): Thomas Power
Date: July 11-20, 2005
Length: 11:02:19
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The contemporary revival of interest in the Celtic world is a phenomenon of our age. Heightened interest has led to the appropriation of the Celtic tradition for different purposes by different interest groups. The result is that at a popular level the historic reality of Celtic Christianity is increasingly elusive as claims made about it become exaggerated. The purpose of this series, therefore, is to situate the Celtic Christian experience of the spiritual in the context of its historical development in Ireland between the 5th & 12th centuries. Lectures include:

  • Celtic Christianity: Revivals Ancient and Modern
  • The Celtic World: A Sacral Universe
  • The Transition from Pagan to Christian
  • Saints, Sanctity, and Spiritual Biography
  • Monks, Monasteries, and Meaning
  • The Beauty of the World
  • Celtic Christianity and the Arts: The Book of Kells
  • The Heritage of Worship, Prayer, and Hymns
  • The Trinity in Celtic Christianity
  • Celtic Christianity and Postmodernism

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Thomas Power is a Faculty Member and a Librarian at Wycliffe College, Trinity College, and the University of Toronto. He has a research interest in the impact of information technology on theological education. He has published a number of studies and essays on eighteenth-century Ireland, including 'Converts' in a book he co-edited, Endurance and Emergence: Catholics in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century

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