Anglicanism Reborn

Speaker(s): George Sumner, Grant LeMarquand, James I. Packer, Paul Friesen
Date: May 14-16, 2004
Length: 4:21:00
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This conference looks at the rebirth and resurgence of global Anglicanism and focuses on the unchanging Gospel that has brought about this transformation. Lectures include:

  • The Emergence of Anglicanism in the Non-Western World - Grant LeMarquand
  • The Gospel that Transforms - J.I. Packer
  • Learning that Transforms - Paul Friesen
  • Teaching that Transforms - George Sumner

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The Reverend Canon George R. Sumner is Principal and Helliwell Professor of World Mission. He is author of The First and the Last: the Claim of Jesus Christ and the Claims of Other Religious Traditions, Being Salt: A Theology of an Ordered Church, the Brazos Series commentary on Daniel, and co-author (with Jeffrey P. Greenman) of Unwearied Praises: Exploring Christian Faith Through Classic Hymns.

The Right Reverend Dr. Grant LeMarquand is Area Bishop for the Horn of Africa. Committed to mission, evangelism, and ecumenical relations, Bishop Grant has served in various countries, including Canada, USA, and Kenya.

James I. Packer is the Board of Governors' Professor of Theology at Regent College. His many books include Knowing God and Rediscovering Holiness.

Paul Friesen is Rector of St. Paul's Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He worked for a while as a probation and parole officer, an assistant dean of students at Wycliffe College in Toronto, and as an undergraduate history lecturer at several Universities and colleges. He is currently an Adjunct Lecturer in Anglican Theology at the Atlantic School of Theology and serves as a theologian on the Matrimonial Commission of the Anglican Church of Canada. Paul has written reviews and essays in the midst of his pastoral and academic work for the past two decades. He has also served as Reviews Editor for The Diocesan Times and is a co-author of several books, most recently of Seeds Scattered and Sown and Guide for the Christian Perplexed.

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