The Trinity and the Christian Life

Speaker(s): Edwin Hui, James Houston
Date: 1992
Length: 21h 11min
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With the contemporary interest in spirituality, how do we test that it is "Christian"? Tensions lie also between personal and social spirituality, or between scholarly theory and ordinary practice, This course addresses such issues, emphasizing that the experience of the Holy Trinity has much wider application to Christian praxis than has commonly been recognized. A relational reform of the Church will be grounded upon a renewed Trinitarian spirituality, as this course will seek to introduce. Lectures include:

  • Introduction: The Forgotten Trinity
  • Western Approaches to the Trinity: Augustine to Aquinas (Part I)
  • Medieval Mystical Approaches to the Trinity
  • Western Approaches to the Trinity: Augustine to Aquinas (Part II)
  • The Cappadocian Doctrine of the Trinity (Part I)
  • Experiencing the Trinity Today
  • The Cappadocian Doctrine of the Trinity (Part II); Perichorisis
  • The Self Communication of God
  • Personhood - A Trinitarian Approach
  • Trinity and Contemplative Life
  • Trinity and the Moral Life

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Edwin C. Huiis Professor of Bioethics and Christianity and Chinese Culture at Regent College and Dean of Regent's Chinese Studies program. Hui is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Regent Theological Review, which has published two volumes each year in China since 2004. Previously he worked as a clinician/scientist for ten years and held the position of Vice Chief-of-Staff of Lakewood Hospital in Los Angeles. Between 2003 and 2011, he was seconded to the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine as Professor of Medical Ethics. He is the author of At the Beginning of Life: Dilemmas in Theological Bioethics and Questions Of Right And Wrong: The Proceedings of the 1993 Bioethics Conference.

James M. Houston is Board of Governors' Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College. Previously, he was University Lecturer at Oxford University. He is author of I Believe in the Creator, In Search of Happiness, The Heart's Desire: A Guide to Personal Fulfillment, The Transforming Power of Prayer: Deepening Your Friendship with God., Joyful Exiles, and Letters of Faith Through the Seasons.

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