Deuteronomy: Its Relevance to Christian Mission and Ethics

Speaker(s): Christopher Wright
Date: 1998
Length: 10h 2min
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Deuteronomy is a book for a people on the move, presenting a message from a God on the move. It challenges God's people to remain loyal to the living God in changing cultural and religious contexts, spelling out the sharp missiological implications of Israel's monotheism. It also calls them to live by social, economic and political standards that would make them different, a witness to the nations. It had a remarkable influence on Jesus and Paul, too. Listeners will gain a new respect for the sharp-edged challenge of a key biblical book to contemporary mission and ethics. Lectures include:

  • Ch. 1-4: Missiology, Uniqueness of Yahweh
  • Ch. 6-11: Loving God
  • Ch. 12-18: Worship, Economics and Leadership
  • Ch. 21-25: Just Society; Ethical Use of Old Testament Law
  • Ch. 26-34: Life After Moses; New Testament Missiology

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Christopher J. H. Wright is the International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership International. Earlier, he was the principal of All Nations Christian College. He is author of numerous books including God's People in God's Land, Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament, Walking in the Ways of the Lord, What's So Unique about Jesus, as well as a commentary on Deuteronomy.

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