Wisdom Literature: An Introduction (1992)

Speaker(s): Bruce Waltke
Date: 1992
Length: 19hr 38min
Product ID: RGDL2220S

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The purpose of this series is to enable the listener to know God through the wisdom literature of Scripture and to introduce the listener to the scope, historical context, literary content, and theology of the wisdom books. In the course Dr. Waltke gives expositions on Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes, considering the contribution of each book to biblical wisdom. Lectures include:

  • Introduction to Wisdom Literature
  • Introduction to the Book of Proverbs
  • Proverbs 1:8-9:18
  • Wealth and Poverty in the Book of Proverbs
  • Digest of Leeuwen: Context and Meaning in Proverbs
  • Introduction to the Book of Job
  • Prologue to Job
  • Dialogues of Job
  • Job 3, 7, and Elihu
  • Elihu Speaks, Yahweh Questions, Epilogue
  • Ecclesiastes: "Qoheleth"

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Bruce Waltke is Professor Emeritus in Old Testament Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is the author of Genesis: A Commentary, Creation and Chaos, Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion?, An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax, and commentaries on Micah. He also served on the translation committee of the NIV Bible.

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