Amos (Companion set to Bruce Waltke's "Micah")

Speaker(s): Robert Gordon
Date: 1989
Length: 7h8m
Product ID: RGDL1933S

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The Minor Prophets are "minor" in name only. They contain some of the most powerful sermons in the Old Testament. This series is a study of the life, times and message of the prophet Amos, a shepherd from Tekoa. It is a companion set to Bruce Waltke's series on the prophet Micah. Lectures include:

  • King Jeroboam: Shepherd from Tekoa
  • Prophet to Israel
  • The God of Amos; The Nations
  • The Words of Amos; Amos and Hope
  • Beyond Amos

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Robert P. Gordon was Regius Professor of Hebrew at St. Catharine's College at the University of Cambridge. His books include Studies in the Targum to the Twelve Prophets, The Peshitta Version of the Old Testament: Chronicles, and Hebrews: A Commentary.

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