Poetic Meditations on the Teachings of Jesus

Speaker(s): Malcolm Guite
Date: Summer 2016
Length: 11h 46m
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This is a rare opportunity to study with poet Malcolm Guite, who will share with the class his series of sonnets that reflect on and wrestle with the teachings of Jesus. All four Gospels record these teachings, both the attractive ('consider the lilies of the field') and the challenging ('sell all you have!'). Approach Jesus's teachings through the lenses of both scholarship and poetry.

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Malcolm Guite is a poet and singer-songwriter living in Cambridge, England where he also works as a priest and academic. Dr. Guite lectures widely in both the UK and North America and is the author of several books on literature and theology. Sounding the Seasons, his volume of sonnets for the church year, was published by Canterbury Press in 2013.

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