The Gospel of Mark

Speaker(s): R.T. France
Date: 1992
Length: 17h25min
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The Gospel of Mark is both a profound theological statement and a work of art. The aims of this series is to appreciate its dramatic power and share its author's perception of the significance of Jesus, of the coming Kingdom of God, and of the call to discipleship. Moreover, the concern here is to tackle Mark as a whole, and not just as a collection of unconnected fragments. Lectures Include:

  • Origin, Nature, and Purpose of Mark
  • Mark 1:1-13
  • Response to Jesus' Ministry
  • Parables and Their Purpose
  • Messiaship, Secrecy, Suffering, and Glory
  • The Radical Demands of Discipleship (Mark 10)
  • The Beginning of the Final Confrontation (Mark 11)
  • Questions, Questions... (Mark 12)
  • When Will These Things Happen? (Mark 13)
  • Mark 14:53-65

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Richard T. (Dick) France was a New Testament scholar and Anglican cleric. He worked for the London School of Theology and was Principal of Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, UK. He is author of many books and commentaries, including Divine Government: The Kingship of God in the Gospel of Mark, The Evidence for Jesus, and Jesus and the Old Testament: His Application of Old Testament Passages to Himself and His Mission.

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