The Gospel in Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings"

Speaker(s): Ralph Wood
Date: July 14-25, 2003
Length: 16:22:22
Product ID: RGDL3312S

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This series explores the various ways in which Tolkien infuses his masterpiece with the main claims of the Christian gospel. Wood covers topics such as the horrors of our terrible time and the sinister and addictive quality of totalistic and coercive power as seen by Tolkien. He also covers Tolkien's understanding of Faith that persists among friends with a common lord and mission, Hope that endures and Charity that forgives in the face of terrible wrongs. Lectures include:

  • Intro to Tolkien's Life and Work
  • Fantasy, Creation, and Calamity
  • Adventure, Vocation, and the Quest
  • Community, Humor, and the Slow Movement of Time
  • Providence and the Prudence of the Little People
  • The Nature of Beauty and Betrayal
  • The Natural Order, Magic, and Coercive Power
  • Heroism, Sacrifice, and the Weak
  • Failure, Mercy, and the Triumph of God
  • Tolkien's Place in Church and Culture

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Ralph C. Wood is University Professsor of Theology and Literature at Baylor University. There he has taught award-winning courses that are devoted to the relation of Christian faith to imaginitive literature. He is the author of The Comedy of Redemption: Christian Faith and Comic Vision in Four American Novelists., Contending for the Faith: The Church's Engagement with Culture, The Gospel According to Tolkien: Visions of the Kingdom in Middle-earth and Flannery O'Connor and the Christ-Haunted South.

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