Preaching the Gospel According to John

Speaker(s): Darrell Johnson
Date: Summer 2015
Length: 12h 12m
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Preachers often become discouraged about, and distracted from, the major purpose of preaching. We can therefore begin to think and feel we ought to do something else in the pulpit on the Lord's Day. But not if we live in the Gospel according to John! For in his Gospel, the apostle John, following the lead of his first mentor, John the Baptist, helps us understand and experience again that preaching is simply, and profoundly, holding before human beings, the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth (and with Him, the person and work of His Father and Spirit). And doing so in such a way that human beings believe into (not a typo!) Jesus, and in believing, find life, the life that He is, and which only He can give. Come, soak in John, and be re-invigorated to preach!

  • Prologue (John 1) and Survey of the Gospel of John
  • From Cana to Cana (John 2-4); The Trial Has Begun (John 5)
  • Jesus and the Jewish Feasts (John 6-11)
  • Introduction to Holy Week (John 12); Holy Thursday (John 13-17)
  • Good Friday (John 18-19); Easter and Beyond (John 20-21)
Please note: This course content substantially overlaps with Darrell Johnson's 'Believing into Life: Studies in the Gospel of John' (2006).

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Darrell W. Johnson is Senior Minister at First Baptist Church in Vancouver and former Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Regent College. Before coming to Regent he served for 30 years as Preaching Pastor for churches in the United States and the Philippines. He continues to teach as a sessional lecturer at Regent College.

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