Ethics of Grace in a Broken World

Speaker(s): Benno Van Den Toren, Paul Helm
Date: Jan. 2003
Length: 26:23:15
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This series aims to provide instruction in the basic principles of Christian Ethics and their application to the Christian life. The first part of the series will be concerned with general ethical concepts and issues. The second part will be concerned with the sources of Christian ethics, and the distinctive character of that ethics. Attention will also be paid to degenerate forms of Christian ethics, the relation between conversion and grace to Christian ethics, and the application of ethical principles to particular situations. Lectures include:

  • Reason and Emotion in Ethics
  • Rules and Consequences
  • The Virtues
  • Morality
  • Law and Morality
  • Freewill, Responsibility, and Determinism
  • Creation and Kingdom: Covenant and Law
  • Autonomy and God's Command
  • Christian Freedom
  • Justification, Sanctification, Legalism, and Moralism
  • Grace, Merits, and Rewards
  • Ethics and Culture (Guest Lecture by Benno Van Den Toren)

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Dr Benno Van Den Toren studied theology at Utrecht, Oxford and Kampen (Ph.D.) and is currently a proffessor of doctrine, ethics and apologetics in the Bengui Evangelical Graduate School in the Central African Republic, teaching students from all over French-speaking Africa. He spent the 2002/2003 year as a Scholar-in-Residence at Regent College, Vancouver. He published on ethics and culture in Missiology and Exchange.

Paul S. Helm is Teaching Fellow at Regent College. He has served as President of the British Society of the Philiosophy of Religion and authored numerous books including Eternal God: A Study of God without Time and Faith Understanding.

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