Collected Sermons: Volume II

Speaker(s): James Stewart
Date: 1956
Length: 4:13:31
Product ID: RGDL4096S

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This collection of 8 sermons by the late Scottish pastor James Stewart evidence his fiery passion for the Gospel and are full of Christ-centered exhortations for the people of God today. Titles Include:

  • The Four Points of the Compass of Salvation
  • What it Means to Go to Church
  • Modernity in the Book of Daniel
  • The Christ of the Emmaus Road
  • The Fellowship of the Church at Worship
  • Recapturing the Lost Wonder of the Christian Faith
  • Our Ministry and the Prospect of Revival
  • Heroes For the Church

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Rev. James S. Stewart James S. Stewart (1896-1990) was a minister of the Church of Scotland. He taught New Testament Language, Literature and Theology at the University of Edinburgh. In 1999, Preaching Magazine ranked James S. Stewart as the best preacher of the twentieth century, commenting that his books on preaching "have inspired tens of thousands of preachers to strive for greater effectiveness in their proclamation of God's Word."

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