4731S Ezekiel: A Prophetic Theology of Ministry

Speaker(s): Daniel Block
Date: Summer 2017
Length: 12h 21m
Product ID: RGDL4731S

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Many readers find Ezekiel to be a hopelessly baffling riddle and miss the deep riches in this fascinating book. In fact, Ezekiel's creative and unconventional communication style conveys the message of a man gripped by the spirit and word of God.

Join us as we wrestle with this bizarre prophet, and try to grasp the significance of his message and the power of his fearless ministry for both his time and outs.

A) The Prophet and His Times; The Prophet And His Methods

B) The Prophet and His Book; The Prophet and His Message

C) Ezekiel the Visionary (1:1-3:27; 8:1-11:25); Ezekiel the Dramatist (4:1-5:17, 12:1-16)

D) Ezekiel the Debater (11:1-12; 11:14-21; 12:21-25; 12:26-28; 18:1-32; 24:1-14; 33:10-20; 33:23-29); Ezekiel the Prosecutor (16:1-63; 20:1-44; 22:1-31; 23:1-49)

E) Ezekiel the Messenger of Good News (5:3; 11:14-21; 16:60-63; 17:22-24; 28:24-26; 34-48; 34:1-31; 36:16-38; 37:1-28); Gog and Magog

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Daniel Block has taught the Scriptures for over four decades at Providence College, Bethel College, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Wheaton College. His passion is to recover for the church the life-giving power of the Old Testament.

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