Money Matters: Mammon, Ministry and the Meaning of Life

Speaker(s): Paul Stevens
Date: Summer 2017
Length: 11h 24m
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Nothing is more pervasive and insidious than money. It preoccupies our home, work and even church. A 2015 survey by the American Psychological Association found money to be the greatest concern among Americans; ahead of the three other key concerns of family, work and health. The rich and the poor are stressed by money for different reasons. in Singapore money has been blamed as the chief culprit in breaking up marriages. Few can claim that money is of no concern to them. In this course we will explore the meaning of money (as well as the meaning of life), how money can become mammon, a power what the Bible has to say about money, how the church in its history has dealt with money and stewardship as an approach to the ministry of money.

A. The Meaning of Money

B. The History of Money

C. The Ministry of Money

D. Money, Possessions and Relationships

E. Poverty and Riches

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R. Paul Stevens is Professor Emeritus of Marketplace Theology at Regent College. He is the author of Liberating the Laity, Disciplines of the Hungry Heart, The Other Six Days, Marriage Spirituality, Doing God's Business and co-editor (with Robert J. Banks) of The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity.

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