Addictions and the Church

Speaker(s): John Auxier
Date: May 22 - 26, 2006
Length: 11:21:56
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The affliction of addiction presents unique challenges for struggling Christians, family members and pastoral staff in the church. Often the chronic nature of relapse and seeming intractability of addictive patterns of behaviour have devastating impact on health, relationships and spirituality, leaving loved ones and pastoral caregivers confused and discouraged. This course will attempt to explore commonalities across addictive behaviours, in order to understand them from a biblically informed, bio-psycho-social-spiritual model. Biblical and theological issues that addictions raise will be presented, and popular spiritual models of recovery will be evaluated from both a Christian and behavioural science perspective, in order to help pastors and churches more effectively minister to believers and their families who struggle with addictive behaviours.

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John Auxier Dean of Trinity Western Seminary, Langley, BC. BSc (University of North Dakota), Mdiv (Princeton), MA (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), PhD (University of Arizona). John is known for his expertise in addictions, having taught graduate and undergraduate courses on Addictions Counselling and/or the Psychology of Addictions. He is currently writing a book entitled A Primer on Substance Abuse for Clergy.

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