Holistic Disciple-Making for the Third Millennium

Speaker(s): Krish Kandiah
Date: June 3-14 2013
Length: 19h23min
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With Christendom crumbling we need models of discipleship that equip the church for the whole of life, not just the Christian subculture. Jesus summarized the mission of the church as disciple-making and yet most of our leaders feel inadequately equipped to do this. The discipleship deficit is crippling the church. We are seeing large numbers of young adults walk away from our congregations. We are seeing our strongest Christians afraid of being and sharing the Good News. We are losing the ability to navigate and understand and apply the Scriptures. This course aims to equip you with theological and practical models for making disciples who are biblically literate, evangelistically confident, culturally sensitive, globally connected, and missionally integrated. Lectures include:

  • Genocide and the Discipling Deficit
  • A Vision for Transforming Discipleship
  • Lex Credendi, The Grand Story of Discipleship
  • Lex Communitatis, the Body of Christ and Discipleship
  • Lex Orandi, The Praxis of Christian Holiness and Discipleship
  • Biblical Narratives and Holistic Discipleship
  • Wisdom Literature and Discerning Discipleship
  • The Psalms and Emotionally Integrated Discipleship
  • Apocalyptic Discipleship: Reimaging Discipleship for a Post-Christian Context
  • Equipping the Church for a Culturally Immersive Discipleship
  • Evangelistic Disciples: Building Gospel Confidence into Spiritual Formation
  • Just Discipleship: Empowering the Church for Political Leadership
  • Discipleship after Google: Following Christ in Digital Space
  • Whole Life Discipleship and Christian Worship
  • Twenty-Something Vision: Discipleship and the Missing Generation
  • Discipleship in the Global Village: Intercontinentally Connected Disciples
  • Developing Multicultural and Multiclass Discipleship Models
  • Reforming the Church as a Disciple-Making Community

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Krish Kandiah is President of London School of Theology and founder and director of Home for Good. He is author of many books, including Home for Good: Making a Difference for Vulnerable Children, Dysciples, and Just Politics.

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