Relevance, Resistance & Responsibility: The Church's Response to the Concerns of Contemporary Theology

Speaker(s): Cherith Fee Nordling
Date: July 25-29, 2005
Length: 8:21:10
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Contemporary theologies attempt to speak fresh, liberating words to the world. But many contemporary theologians charge traditional Church doctrine with ignoring or even impeding this mission. In turn, many traditional believers view these new theological positions as having abandoned key elements of Christian orthodoxy. This course asks why these new theologies have arisen and what the Church's responsibility is toward them.

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Cherith Fee Nordling is Associate Professor of Theology at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois, USA. She is author of Knowing God by Name: A Conversation between Elizabeth A. Johnson and Karl Barth, which is Volume 13 of the Issues in Systematic Theology series.

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