Promoting the Gospel to Contemporary Culture

Speaker(s): John Dickson
Date: July 23-27 2012
Length: 8h28min
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At a time when people increasingly believe Christianity "poisons everything", how can we recover the logic and beauty of the original mission that captured the Roman world without method or might? Grounded in a detailed historical and exegetical study of "mission" in the New Testament and its times, this course seeks to learn lessons from the evangelization of the pre-Christian world and apply these to our witness in a post-Christian world. Lectures include:

  • The Rationale for "Mission" Before and After Jesus
  • What is the Gospel and Who Proclaims It?
  • Beyond "Every Christian is and Evangelist": The Mission of the Ordinary Christian
  • The Jesus of the Gospel in Ancient History and Modern Criticism
  • Promoting the Gospel in the Public Square: Challenges as Opportunities

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John Dickson is the Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia). He is also Co-Director (with Simon Smart) of the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX), an independent research and media company promoting informed discussion about social, ethical and religious issues in modern life. He is the author of The Christ Files: How Historians Know what they Know about Jesus, A Spectator's Guide to World Religions, and Investigating Jesus.

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