Hans Urs Von Balthasar's Prayer: A Theological Investigation

Speaker(s): Victor Shepherd
Date: 2001
Length: 4:38:40
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Hans Urs von Batthasar (1905-1988) was a Swiss theologian whose magisterial discussion of the work of Karl Barth gained him international recognition. Balthasar's Prayer (the German original was Contemplative Prayer) is a theological investigation that approaches the topic from several different angles: the doctrine of the Trinity, liturgy, the 'encounter' understanding of Martin Buber, the place of mysticism and the role of reason. Protestants may be surprise at the Word-orientation of his discussion. All Christians are indebted to this thinker who exemplified expertise in liturgy, philosophy and theology, yet was most 'at home' on his knees in adoration of his Lord. Lectures include:

  • The Primacy of Prayer
  • Von Balthasar's Anthropology
  • The Nature and Place of Reason; Mysticism
  • Prayer and Liturgy

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Victor A. Shepherd is Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at Tyndale University College & Seminary, Toronto, and professor ordinarius for the Graduate Theological Foundation, University of Oxford. He is also on the faculty of the Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto, where he supervises doctoral students in Reformation studies. He is author of Seasons of Grace, So Great a Cloud of Witnesses, Ponder and Pray, Making Sense of Christian Faith, and The Nature and Function of Faith in the Theology of John Calvin.

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