Knowing God's Plan for the World: Paul Writes to the Romans

Speaker(s): Paul Barnett
Date: July 3 - 14, 2006
Length: 15:43:50
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In Romans, including the neglected second half of the Letter, Paul sets out God's plan for the world. Paul teaches that God continues to work among the nations and his historic people Israel despite the difficult circumstances facing Christians in Rome at the time. Loving unity within the 'mixed membership' in the church will visibly demonstrate the truth of the grace-based, law-free, Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered message that is Paul's Gospel. Lectures include:

  • Apostle, Gospel and Rome
  • Judgement Day Now
  • Justified By Faith
  • De-thronement of King Sin
  • Man Under Law
  • The Spirit of Hope
  • God: More Than a Potter
  • The "End" of the Law
  • Triumph of Mercy
  • Transformed Living
  • Welcome the Weak
  • Christians in Rome

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Paul Barnett was the Anglican Bishop of North Sydney in Australia and is Teaching Fellow, Biblical Studies, Regent College. Lecturer, Moore Theological College, Sydney. THL (Moore Theological College), MA (Sydney), BDS, ThSchol, PhD (University of London). He is author of Jesus and the Logic of History, as well as commentaries on Mark, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians and Revelation

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