God's Faithful Character: The Key to the New Testament's Use of the Old

Speaker(s): Rikk Watts
Date: May 12-23 2014
Length: 20h47min
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No body of literature exercised as much influence on the writers of the NT as did Israel's Scriptures. This is hardly surprising since for them this new thing God had done in Christ was the climactic fulfillment of his centuries old promises to his people. Yet few matters are the subject of such impassioned and wide-ranging debate as is the question of how the NT authors interpret the OT, particularly in the light of Jesus and his gospel. This is especially important since one cannot separate their treatment of Scripture from the theological content of their writings. Questions abound: Do they, as sometimes charged, twist the Scriptures? What, if at all, is the role of the OT context? How do we explain the significant variations and sometimes remarkable differences between the OT text and its supposed quotation in the NT? How can a text that was not even considered a prophecy be 'fulfilled'? Are the NT authors reliable interpreters, or must we admit that they use methods that no modern bible reader could accept? Is there an underlying coherence, and if so, what does this mean for how they understood theology?

Lectures include:

  • Issues, History, and Current Research (Part I)
  • Issues, History, and Current Research (Part II)
  • Issues, History, and Current Research (Part III)
  • First Century Interpretation
  • When Jerusalem Becomes Like the Nations
  • Conjoining Texts
  • Some Striking Divergences
  • God's Exodus Plan Completed
  • Purpose of the Parables
  • The Law and Faith (Part I)
  • The Law and Faith (Part II)

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Rikk E. Watts is Professor of New Testament at Regent College. Previously, he served as an instructor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Wycliffe Hall at Oxford University, La Trobe University, and the Bible College of Victoria (now the Melbourne School of Theology). He is author of Isaiah's New Exodus in Mark, as well as a founding member of On Being, an Australian Christian magazine.

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