Forming Children in Faith: How the Whole Community Raises the Church's Children

Speaker(s): Marva Dawn
Date: July 19 - 23, 2004
Length: 9:30:00
Product ID: RGDL3418S

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This course goes beyond Dr. Marva Dawn's book, 'Is It a Lost Cause?', and explores how the entire church community is needed for raising children of faith and for combating the societal forces that militate against a godly life. Marva Dawn argues that children are not the 'church of the future'; rather, their present faith gives the Church its future! Lectures include:

  • Questions of Life and Ministry Orienting
  • All of Life is Worship
  • Faith in a Culture of Many Faiths
  • Faithfulness in a Gluttonous Culture
  • Faithfulness in the Information Age
  • Faithfulness in an Unchaste Age

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Marva Dawn is Teaching Fellow of Spiritual Theology at Regent College. She is also a prolific author, theologian and founder of Christians Equipped for Ministry. Her books include Keeping the Sabbath Wholly and Unfettered Hope: A Call to Faithful Living in an Affluent Society.

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