Revive Us Again: 20th Century American Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism at Home and Abroad

Speaker(s): Bill Svelmoe, George Marsden
Date: July 12-23, 2010
Length: 17hr 09min
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This course examines the history of Protestant evangelicalism and fundamentalism as they have been manifested in North America and then exported abroad through missionary movements, the spread of Pentecostalism, evangelistic crusades, and the like. Most of the emphasis will be on the era since the late nineteenth century when dispensationalism arose in American Protestantism, followed by the fundamentalist controversies of the early twentieth century, the mid-century division between 'neo-evangelicals' associated with Billy Graham and separatist fundamentalists, the late-century emergence of political fundamentalistic evangelicalism, the spread and influence of pentecostal and charismatic Christianity especially in new styles of worship, and issues of how much recent evangelicalism reflects or challenges contemporary commercial culture and gospels of success. Lectures include:

  • Introduction
  • Definitions, Varieties, and 18th Century Origins of Evangelicalism - George Marsden
  • Early Missionary Work to the Indians - Bill Svelmoe
  • 19th Century Missions Before the Civil War - Bill Svelmoe
  • The Rise of American Fundamentalism in the Late 19th Century to the Early 20th Century - George Marsden
  • The New Evangelicalism and Separatist Fundamentalism of the Mid-20th Century - George Marsden
  • The Education of the Missionary Enterprise - Bill Svelmoe
  • Discussion on The New Shape of World Christianity - George Marsden
  • Fundamentalism in the Mid-20th Century - George Marsden
  • Politicization of American Evangelicalism - Bill Svelmoe
  • Politicization of American Evangelicalism II - George Marsden
  • Popular Evangelicalism from the 60s to the End of the Century - Bill Svelmoe
  • World Christianity and Current Missionary Trends - Bill Svelmoe
  • Evangelicals, Science, and the Evolution Issue - George Marsden

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Bill Svelmoe, Mdiv (Talbot Theological Seminary) MA, PhD (University of Notre Dame), is Associate Professor of History, St. Mary's College, Indiana.

George Marsden is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Notre Dame. He is author of many books, including Fundamentalism and American Culture, Jonathan Edwards: A Life, and Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism.

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