Liberating Grace

Speaker(s): Alan Torrance
Date: 2002
Length: 18:19:17
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The doctrine of grace defines the Christian gospel and should define the lives of those who affirm it. However, confused assumptions deeply engrained within our Western culture have too easily undermined both the message and our perception of its significance. In this course, we shall seek to consider its implications for:

  1. the possibility of knowledge of God and speech about him;
  2. reinterpreting society in the context of secular and atheistic trends;
  3. reconfiguring human existence and personal relations; and, finally,
  4. exploring the profound political significance of the gospel.

The hope is that students might gain a clearer understanding of the significance of a theology of grace for the life and witness of the church in our contemporary world. Lectures include:

  • Grace and the Liberation of Our Minds
  • Grace and the Dynamics of Participation
  • Grace and the Liberation of Our Worship
  • Liberating Grace from Misconstrual-Challenging Contractualism
  • On Being the Church - Grace and Evangelism
  • Trinitarian Structure of Grace
  • Liberating Grace from Immanentis
  • Liberating Grace from Naturalism
  • Grace in the Sociopolitical Realm
  • John McMurray and Personhood.

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Alan Torrance is Professor of Systematic Theology at St Mary's College of the University of St Andrews. He is author of Christ and Context and Persons in Communion: An Essay on Trinitarian Description and Human Participation.

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