Luminous Christianity: Justice, Mission, and the Whole People of God

Speaker(s): Krish Kandiah
Date: Summer 2017
Length: 14h 28m
Product ID: RGDL4722S

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Right from its inception the church was known for its generosity, hospitality, and compassion. This course provides fresh paradigms for holistic mission in the contemporary church. Justice ministry has become programmatic and episodic in many church programs rather than part of the everyday life of believers. In this course we explore ways to integrate seeking justice into the very fabric of the church's worship, preaching, family life and ongoing discipleship. Drawing on global Christian thinkers and practitioners this course helps to equip Christian leaders to create luminous churches that shine like a city on a hill.

Contents include:

A: 1. What is Justice? || 2. What is the Mission of the Church?

B: 3. A Luminous Gospel || 4. Luminous Ecclesiology

C: 5. Luminous Evangelism || 6. Luminous Formation

D: 7. Luminous Mercy || 8. Luminous Transformation

E: 9. Luminous Ecology || 10. Luminous Lifestyle


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Krish Kandiah is President of London School of Theology and founder and director of Home for Good. He is author of many books, including Home for Good: Making a Difference for Vulnerable Children, Dysciples, and Just Politics.

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