Pastoral Care

Speaker(s): Darrell Johnson, Paddy Ducklow, Rod Wilson, Sharon Smith, Walt Polson
Date: Fall 2009
Length: 26:24:47
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In this course we will seek to understand - Biblically, theologically, and practically - the care ministry of the church of Jesus Christ. We will explore what it means to serve men and women, girls and boys, young and old, going through the various transitions of life into which pastors are regularly invited: birth of children, marriage, addiction-freedom, depression, grieving the loss of loved ones, etc. We will also look at how the church and the Body of Christ is to serve as 'pastoral-care giver.'

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Darrell W. Johnson is Senior Minister at First Baptist Church in Vancouver and former Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Regent College. Before coming to Regent he served for 30 years as Preaching Pastor for churches in the United States and the Philippines. He continues to teach as a sessional lecturer at Regent College.

Paddy Ducklow is Senior Pastor at Capilano Christian Community, North Vancouver. Being a registered psychologist and the founder of the Burnaby Christian Counselling Group, he has, for many years, provided psychological guidance and marriage therapy for church ministers and missionary leaders.

Rod Wilson is former President and Professor of Counselling and Psychology at Regent College. He is the author of Counseling and Community and How Do I Help a Hurting Friend?, as well as the co-author of Exploring Your Anger and Helping Angry People.

Sharon Smith is Co-Founder of Sanctuary Mental Health. She has spent much of her professional career working as an occupational therapist in acute and community mental health settings in South Africa and Vancouver, Canada. Sharon co-founded Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries in 2011, an organisation that works alongside faith communities to increase awareness and care for individuals recovering from a mental illness.

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