Gaining the Whole World: The Ambiguous Success of American Evangelicalism

Speaker(s): Bill Svelmoe, George Marsden
Date: July 28-August 1, 2014
Length: 10h57m
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Evangelicalism has been a remarkably successful and resilient modern form of Christianity. One striking paradox associated with the movement's success is that it has typically involved strong condemnations of some forms of modernity while almost uncritically embracing others. The question is whether American evangelicals have typically picked the right combinations of what to critique or embrace. This course considers these issues through a number of historical case studies.

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Bill Svelmoe, Mdiv (Talbot Theological Seminary) MA, PhD (University of Notre Dame), is Associate Professor of History, St. Mary's College, Indiana.

George Marsden is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Notre Dame. He is author of many books, including Fundamentalism and American Culture, Jonathan Edwards: A Life, and Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism.

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