Movements of Grace: Pastor's Conference 2006

Speaker(s): Larry Crabb, Maxine Hancock, Rod Wilson, John Stackhouse
Date: May 9-12, 2006
Length: 12:56:32
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The apostle Paul, in his on-going mentoring of his mission partner Timothy, urges him to "pay close attention to yourself" (I Timothy 4:16). With all the other challenges of ministry in our time, why such a high priority on attending to yourself? For the simple reason that whatever ministry the Spirit of God is doing he is doing through us. Jesus' continuing ministry is through unique and uniquely complex persons. Sessions include:

  • From Discouragement to Faithfulness - Maxine Hancock
  • A Look at Ruling Passion: Identifying the Center - Larry Crabb
  • Wisdom, Weakness, and Woundedness I - Rod Wilson
  • From Control to Abandon - Maxine Hancock
  • A Look at Shaping Events: Pursuing False Life and Avoiding False Death - Larry Crabb
  • Wisdom, Weakness, and Woundedness II - Rod Wilson
  • Women in Leadership Forum: Removing Barriers and Releasing Gifts - Maxine Hancock and John Stackhouse
  • From Servant to Friend - Maxine Hancock
  • A Look at Relational Style: Living to Love or Loving to Use - Larry Crabb
  • Wisdom, Weakness, and Woundedness III - Rod Wilson
  • Question and Answer Forum
  • From Brokenness to Release: The Supernatural Movement from Self-Obsession to God Obsession - Larry Crabb

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Larry Crabb, Jr. is Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Colorado Christian University in Morrison, Colorado, USA, and serves as Spiritual Director for the American Association of Christian Counselors. He is also Founder and Director of NewWay Ministries. He is author of many books, including Inside Out, Finding God, Connecting: Healing for Ourselves, and Our Relationships, and Men & Women: Enjoying the Difference.

Maxine Hancock is Professor Emerita of Interdisciplinary Studies and Spiritual Theology at Regent College. Among her books are several on family relationships, including Living on Less and Liking in More, Re-evaluating Your Commitments and Creative, Confident, Children, as well as a study on John Bunyan in A Key in the Window: Marginal Notes in Bunyan's Narratives. She received the Word Guild's Leslie K. Tarr Award in 1990 for her contribution to Christian writing in Canada, and the Leading Women's Award in Communications and Media in 2004 for her leadership in communicating the Christian faith in Canada.

Rod Wilson is former President and Professor of Counselling and Psychology at Regent College. He is the author of Counseling and Community and How Do I Help a Hurting Friend?, as well as the co-author of Exploring Your Anger and Helping Angry People.

John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

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