The Story of Evangelical Theology

Speaker(s): Daniel Treier
Date: Summer 2015
Length: 21h 15m
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Evangelical theology seems to be more academically engaged, globally diverse, and internally contested than ever. Therefore this course will explore its crucial features and future trajectories in light of earlier roots and contemporary proposals. The course will involve a mixture of reading original sources, engaging recent leaders, and addressing critical questions through lecture and discussions. Seeking historical clarity about evangelical identity involves not only David Bebbington's well known Anglo-American definition but also the Canadian context and more recent interest in Continental European precursors. Questions about Reformed vs. Holiness and pietist influences highlight factors such as social class alongside theological diversity. This course will address contemporary theological proposals in light of their interface with such historical and sociological factors, but always our focus will be Christian doctrine - what it means for gospel faith to seek further understanding.

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Daniel Treier is Blandchard Professor of Theology at Wheaton College. He is the author of three books and the co-editor of nine more, including The Cambridge Companion of Evangelical Theology.

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