Religion and Other Crimes Against Civility: The Place of Religion in Liberal Democracy

Speaker(s): Jonathan Chaplin
Date: Summer 2015
Length: 10h 42m
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'God is back', on the streets of a liberal democracy near you. But the return of public religion - its '-privatisation' - is generating deep anxieties among secularists who have long assumed that liberal democracy presupposes a religion-free public realm. Christians, too, are scrambling to make sense of the new spaces opening up for their own political engagement. This course will confront the challenges and opportunities presented by the resurgence of public religion in many liberal democracies. Drawing on salient insights of Christian political thought, we will tease out competing concepts of 'secularism,' explore the nature of religious public reasoning, and reflect on the shape of constructive and critical religious citizenship in a plural and multicultural society.

  • Religion in Liberal Democracy: An Overview
  • Mapping the Varieties of Secularism
  • Religion and Public Reasoning
  • A Christian Conception of the Religiously Impartial State
  • Christian Political Ambitions in a Plural, Multicultural Democracy

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Jonathan Chaplin is Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics at Tyndale House in Cambridge, UK. He is author of Herman Dooyeweerd: Christian Philosopher of State and Civil Society, as well as editor of many books, including Politics and the Parties: When Christians Disagree.

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