The 1st Books of the NT: St. Paul Writes to the Thessalonians

Speaker(s): Earl Palmer
Date: May 22 - 26, 2006
Length: 11:01:27
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The first books that appeared among the Christians of the New Testament church were written by St. Paul from Athens to his friends at the capital city of Macedonia. These two letters that Paul wrote to encourage new Christians give us our first look at the New Testament church, and in them we discover many of the challenges they faced. Paul steadies his young friends and wisely takes on issues that still confront us today: the importance of the centredness of Christ as Lord, the timing of the return of Jesus Christ, and the meaning of our present human relationships and work mandates. The wisdom of the letter is an inspiration for us today just as it was as the mid-point of the first century.

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Earl F. Palmer is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Princeton Theological Seminary. Since 1991 he has been pastor of University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Washington. His other books include The Book That John Wrote, Salvation By Surprise, and Prayer Between Friends.

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