Jesus in Literature

Speaker(s): Maxine Hancock
Date: 1998
Length: 20:05:27
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This series surveys some of the ways in which Jesus has been represented in major works of English literature from the Middle Ages to the present time. The listener is introduced to various direct and indirect representations of Jesus through embodiments of aspects of his character and work in "Christ-figures." Consideration is given to ways in which such motifs as incarnation, kenosis, atonement, death and resurrection have been assimilated into literary art. While noting the compelling centrality of Jesus in Western literature of the past, interest is shown in the range of roles assigned to him, from victim to conquering king, Jesus is also found represented (even if in sometimes contorted forms or signal absences) in literature of the "post-Christian" late 20th century. Lectures include:

  • Introduction
  • Comments on Reading
  • Jesus: Touchstone and Cornerstone of English Literature
  • The English Bible
  • Jesus in the Gospels
  • Jesus in the Rest of Scripture
  • Literary Modes Portraying Jesus
  • The Christ Figure in Literature
  • Jesus in Early History, Myth, and Doctrine
  • Jesus in Medieval Art and Literature
  • Shifts in Poetic Sensibilities with the Reformation
  • 18th Century
  • 18th Century Hymnody
  • Samuel Coleridge
  • Writing Short Papers; Historical Timeline
  • 19th and 20th Century Novels
  • Writing Papers
  • Modern Images of Jesus
  • Overview of 20th Century Literature
  • Symbolism and Imagery of Jesus in Literature


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Maxine Hancock is Professor Emerita of Interdisciplinary Studies and Spiritual Theology at Regent College. Among her books are several on family relationships, including Living on Less and Liking in More, Re-evaluating Your Commitments and Creative, Confident, Children, as well as a study on John Bunyan in A Key in the Window: Marginal Notes in Bunyan's Narratives. She received the Word Guild's Leslie K. Tarr Award in 1990 for her contribution to Christian writing in Canada, and the Leading Women's Award in Communications and Media in 2004 for her leadership in communicating the Christian faith in Canada.

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