Sermons by Darrell Johnson Discipleship on the Edge: An Expository Journey Through the Book of Revelation

Speaker(s): Darrell Johnson
Date: Jan. 10 to Nov. 21, 1999
Length: 21:17:34
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Revelation is probably most the most read, but least understood book of the Bible. History is replete with examples of how not to interpret it, and books featuring end-of-world prophecy consistently top the bestseller lists. Obviously, people are curious about God's plan for the future of the world. But how can the message of such an enigmatic book be applied to our lives today?

In Discipleship on the Edge, Darrell Johnson drives home the challenging and practical message of Revelation in thirty-two carefully crafted sermons. Paying careful attention to the circumstances surrounding its composition, Johnson shows that the book is not a "crystal ball" but rather a "discipleship manual". Many of these sermons appear in a book of the same title.

  1. Arche and Telos
  2. The Cosmic Jesus
  3. First Love
  4. Keeping Faith Under Pressure
  5. Battle for the Mind
  6. Jealous Lover
  7. Always on the Brink
  8. An Open Door
  9. Let me In
  10. Look! A Throne
  11. Look! A Lamb
  12. Reigning with the Reigning Lord
  13. Come! The Cry that Moves History
  14. Sealed
  15. Embracing Our Identity
  16. Reversed Thunder
  17. Witness that Wins the World
  18. Cosmic War
  19. The Phantom Menace, part I
  20. The Phantom Menace, part II
  21. The One in the Middle
  22. Jesus, the Cospel & His Angels
  23. The Lamb's People
  24. The Time is Near
  25. It is Finished
  26. Falling, Falling, Falling
  27. Engaged to the Lamb
  28. Here He Comes
  29. Millennial Madness
  30. Final Accounting-Opening
  31. All Things New Part I
  32. All Things New Part II

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Darrell W. Johnson is Senior Minister at First Baptist Church in Vancouver and former Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Regent College. Before coming to Regent he served for 30 years as Preaching Pastor for churches in the United States and the Philippines. He continues to teach as a sessional lecturer at Regent College.

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