Jesus in His Own Times

Speaker(s): R. T. France
Date: 1997
Length: 10hr 54min
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This series concentrates on the increasing knowledge of first-century Palestine from literary and archaeological sources, and how they throw light on the world in which Jesus lived and taught. Such information helps us to understand better Jesus' aims and methods, and how ordinary people might have been expected to respond to him. All in all, this series aims to enable the student to understand and present Jesus more effectively as a real figure of history.

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Richard T. (Dick) France was a New Testament scholar and Anglican cleric. He worked for the London School of Theology and was Principal of Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, UK. He is author of many books and commentaries, including Divine Government: The Kingship of God in the Gospel of Mark, The Evidence for Jesus, and Jesus and the Old Testament: His Application of Old Testament Passages to Himself and His Mission.

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