Beyond the Monday Blues: Equipping People for Vocations in the Workplace (Pastor's Conference 2016)

Speaker(s): Regent College
Date: May 4-6, 2016
Length: 9h 2m
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For many Christians, 'Monday Blues' is more than an unpleasant feeling. It's a deep disconnect between their Sunday church life, and Monday-Friday work life.

So what's a pastor to do? How can pastors and leaders equip people in their congregations for their God-given vocation, ministry, and work in the world?Beyond the Monday Blues will help you:

  • gain the skills and confidence to help members of your congregation put the week, and their souls, back together again.
  • develop an integrative way of thinking about faith and work rooted in the biblical narrative.
  • learn from practitioners, pastors, and theologians how to help Christians live thoroughly integrated lives in the workplace, in the home, and in the church.

Sessions include:

A. Reading the Bible in the Marketplace (Paul Williams)

B. Equipping in Ephesians: Bridging the Sacred and Secular Divide (Paul Stevens)

C. The Biblical Storyline (Katherine Leary Alsdorf)

D. Church and Marketplace Together: Building Partnerships (Uli Chi & Chris Pritchett)

E. Equipping in Colossians: What is the Word of the Lord? (Paul Stevens)

F. My Work and Ministry in the Marketplace (Clive Lim) & Panel Discussion

G. Leadership for the Marketplace is Tough (Katherine Leary Alsdorf)

H. Church and Marketplace Together: Building Partnerships (Uli Chi & Chris Pritchett)

I. Equipping in Matthew (Paul Williams)

J. The Offerings of the Many in the Offering of the One (Ross Hastings)

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