Romans in a Week

Speaker(s): N.T. Wright
Date: 1992
Length: 10:52:53
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Paul's letter to the Romans has been one of the most important single documents in the history of the church, and indeed of the whole world. Most Christians have a nodding acquaintance with bits of it; few would claim to have mastered its complex arguments, its sudden changes of mood, or even the question of why Paul wrote it in the first place. This course begins with a bird's eye view of the letter, seeing it holistically before moving to the parts. Then Professor Wright focuses on the individual sections, assessing their contribution to that whole. He examines some of the most controversial and difficult passages in detail (3:21-4:25, 7:7-8:11 and 9-11) before standing back and capturing a last awesome view of the breathtaking theological and missionary vision which Paul offers to his readers. Lectures include:

  • Introduction/ Paul - Background
  • Context and Occasion
  • Romans 1:1-3:20
  • Romans 3:21-4:25
  • Romans 5:1-6:21 and 8:12-39
  • Romans 7:1-8:11
  • Romans 9:1-10:4
  • Romans 10:5-11:36
  • Romans 21:1-16:27
  • Romans: Implications

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N. T. Wright is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and was formerly Bishop of Durham in England. His books include The Original Jesus, The Challenge of Jesus, Jesus and the Victory of God and The Millennium Myth.

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