The Gospel According to Moses

Speaker(s): Daniel Block
Date: Summer 2015
Length: 20h 59m
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Judging by the quotations from the OT, the book of Deuteronomy was Jesus' favorite book. Though commonly viewed as a lawbook (the name means 'second law') Deuteronomy is cast as a collection of Moses' farewell sermons to Israel. As such it represents an impassioned appeal to God's people not to forget that they are entirely the product of divine grace.

This fact is a key to its transforming power for us. Jesus Christ is the God who mercifully redeemed Israel, called her to covenant relationship with himself, and commissioned her to be his agents of grace. He has graciously redeemed us from sin, made us his covenant people, and commissioned us to be his agents of blessing to the world.

The aim of this course is to unmask the amazing grace of God that was so vital in Moses' own experience and that he sought so passionately to impart to his people.

Note: Due to recording technial difficulties lecture J is lower quality than standard Regent Audio recordings.

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Daniel Block has taught the Scriptures for over four decades at Providence College, Bethel College, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Wheaton College. His passion is to recover for the church the life-giving power of the Old Testament.

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