The Book of Genesis

Speaker(s): Iain Provan
Date: Winter 2006
Length: 26:47:45
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What kind of texts are we dealing with in Genesis, and what difference should this make to our interpretation of them? Are they myth, or history, or both/neither? Have Christians been right to see what they have seen in these books over the centuries? What are the boundaries of legitimate interpretation? What does Genesis have to say to contemporary Christians and their world? These and other similar questions will provide the focus for our exegetical study of portions of the text. Lectures include:

  • Introduction
  • Act I: The Prologue
  • Creation: Days 2-6
  • Creation: Day 6
  • Creation: The Blessing
  • Review of Genesis 1
  • Act II: The Descendents of Heaven and Earth
  • "The Garden in the East"
  • The Suitable Helper
  • The Temptation and Sin
  • Consequences of Sin
  • Reflections on Genesis 3
  • Cain and Abel
  • Act III: The Descendents of Adam
  • Act IV: The Descendents of Noah
  • The Flood
  • Act V: The Descendents of Shem, Ham, and Japheth
  • Act VI
  • Act VII
  • Act IX: The Descendents of Isaac
  • Act XII: The "Descendents" of Jacob

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Iain W. Provan is the E. Marshall Shepherd Professor of Biblical Studies (Old Testament) at Regent College. He has previously taught at King's College London, the University of Wales, and the University of Edinburgh. He is author of Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why it Matters, Convenient Myths: The Axial Age, Dark Green Religion, and the World that Never Was, commentaries on 1 & 2 Kings, Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs, and Lamentations, and co-author (with V. Phillips Long and Tremper Longman III) of A Biblical History of Israel. He is also a Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge.

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