The Place of Law in God's World

Speaker(s): Robert Cochran
Date: 2014
Length: 13:11:10
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Throughout history, God's people have had every conceivable relationship to law. What do Scripture and Christian traditions teach about law? The focus of this course will be on civil or positive law with a spotlight on abortion, poverty, gay marriage, the environment, immigration, human trafficking, capital punishment, and the separation of church and state. Should Christians be concerned with these issues? How should Christians respond to unjust rulers? Can the practice of law be a Christian calling? This series includes Dr. Cochran's chapel talk and Evening Public Lecture.

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Robert F. Cochran, Jr. is the Brandeis Professor of Law at Pepperdine University and the Director of the Nootbaar Institute on Law, Religion, and Ethics. In recent years he has traveled to Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand with the Nootbaar Institute's Global Justice Program, assisting human rights groups, supervising students, consulting with governments on religious freedom issues, and speaking on Christianity and law.

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