The Revelation: A New Testament Book Study

Speaker(s): Gordon Fee
Date: Winter 2009
Length: 28:14:41
Product ID: RGDL3904S

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A careful study of John's Revelation in an attempt (1) to master the content of this document through sound exegetical methodology, (2) to place the Revelation within the historical and theological contexts of John and the early church, and (3) to wrestle with some of the hermeneutical issues raised by this 'word of prophecy.' Lectures include:

  • Introduction: Who Wrote it? What and Why?
  • Revelation 1:1-8
  • Revelation 1:9-20
  • Revelation 2:1-3:22
  • Revelation 4:1-11
  • Revelation 5:1-14
  • Revelation 6:1-17
  • Revelation 7:1-17
  • Revelation 8:1-9:21
  • Revelation 10:1-11
  • Revelation 11:1-19
  • Revelation 12:1-17
  • Revelation 13:1-14:5
  • Revelation 14:6-20
  • Revelation 15:1-16:21
  • Revelation 17:1-18
  • Revelation 18:1-24
  • Revelation 19:1-10
  • Revelation 19:11-21
  • Revelation 20:1-15
  • Revelation 21:1-27
  • Revelation 22:1-21

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Gordon D. Fee is Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Regent College. Previously he taught at Wheaton College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has served as the general editor of the New International Commentary series, as well as on the NIV revision committee that produced the TNIV. He is the author of commentaries on 1 Corinthians, Philippians and the Pastoral Epistles, as well as books on exegesis, hermeneutics and the Holy Spirit.

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