RefuJesus: Christ and the Displaced

Speaker(s): Krish Kandiah
Date: Summer 2017
Length: 11h 12m
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One in every 122 human beings is a refugee and the figures are rising daily. On top of that 80 percent of refugees are being hosted by developing countries and there is a rise of anti-refugee sentiment in many industrialised nations.

In spite of this worldwide crisis, for many Christians the issue of internationally displaced peoples has been a geographically, emotionally, theologically and practically distant subject. But times are changing.

Geographically, the challenge is on our doorstep. Emotionally the media confronts us on a daily basis with harrowing images and stories of the refugee crisis. As Christians, we need to theologically grasp that our own Bible is a book written predominantly by refugees for refugees centering around the person and work of Jesus.

Once a refugee himself, Jesus models what it means to draw alongside the outsider and calls his followers to do the same. Practically it is time for Christians to take the lead and play their part in responding compassionately to this unfolding global catastrophe. This course will offer biblical, political and practical perspectives on the church's response to the global refugee crisis.

Drawing on Dr Kandiah's experience working with refugees, political advocacy, working in collaboration with the UK Home Office and regular appearances in national and local media this course will bring cutting edge experience as well as rich theological reflection.

A. God is Stranger: A Critical Exploration of Western Approaches to the Other; A Biblical Theology of the Stranger

B. RefuJesus: Exploration of Christ-centered Approaches to Working with Displaced People, the Marginalized and the Poor

C. Spirit of Hospitality: A Theology of Welcome; the Ethics and Realities of Evangelism with Displaced People

D. Seeking Justice and Defending the Stranger: Engaging Local and National Government; Models of Evangelical Political Engagement

E. The Church as Alien Nation: An Ecclesiology of Displacement; Models for Developing Refugee-Friendly Congregations

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Krish Kandiah is President of London School of Theology and founder and director of Home for Good. He is author of many books, including Home for Good: Making a Difference for Vulnerable Children, Dysciples, and Just Politics.

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