Creativity and 20th Century Culture

Speaker(s): Hans R. Rookmaaker
Date: 1972
Length: 12:56:31
Product ID: RGDL0207S

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This series explores the creative cultural atmosphere of the twentieth century. It deals specifically with modern visual arts, rock music, jazz, blues and Afro-american gospel music in their current situation and historical development. Emphasis is given to the search for the proper orientation of a Christian in this cultural setting, as well as to the discernment of God's hand in history. Lectures include:

  • Creativity
  • The History of Jazz
  • The History of Blues
  • Rock, Protest, and Revolution
  • The Cartesian Worldview
  • The Genesis One Problem
  • Permissiveness
  • Rationality and Freedom
  • Left- and Right-Wing Mentalities
  • Christian in a Post-Christian World
  • God's Hand in History

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Hans R. Rookmaaker was Professor in Art History at the Free University of Amsterdam and a member of L'Abri Fellowship up until his death in 1977. He authored many books including The Creative Gift: The Arts and the Christian Life, Art and the Public Today, Modern Art and the Death of a Culture, and Art Needs No Justification.

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